Eastside Cannery Games and Tables

In 2008, the Eastside Cannery succeeded the Nevada Palace, which had been located at 5255 Boulder Highway since 1979. Locals, who had not seen a new casino constructed in eastern Las Vegas for more than a decade, flocked to the facility after it was renovated at a cost of $250 million, and it soon became a favorite. The Eastside Cannery is a sibling property to the 2003 establishment of the Cannery Casino and Hotel in North Las Vegas. Its primary draw is a 65,000-square-foot gaming facility with twenty gaming tables, the majority of which are blackjack-specific.

Eastside Cannery Games and Tables

Blackjack with two decks is the staple game at the Eastside Cannery. It is performed with bets ranging from $5 to $1,000 and adheres to the strict rules of traditional blackjack. That means the dealer must strike soft 17 and stand on hard 17 and all totals of 18 or higher. Doubling down after splitting (DAS) is permitted, but Aces cannot be re-split and capitulation is not an option. Up to three times may be used to divide a hand into four separate hands, and only one card may be drawn to split Aces. These principles result in a 0.45% House advantage.


A shoe-dealt six-deck game is also available. Similar to the double-deck version, the dealer must hit on soft 17 and DAS is permitted, but both RSA are permitted. These provisions produce a House margin of 0.47 percent. Taking into consideration all of the Eastside Cannery’s blackjack games, the House has an average advantage of 0.50%, placing it in the middle of the odds range for off-Strip casinos, just outside the top ten.


What’s Unique?

Similar to the original Cannery in North Las Vegas, the Eastside property features murals of women with beehive hairstyles and photographs of automobiles with tail fins. Design accents include beaded curtains and geometric tile accents, while dining at the Deli or Snaps Restaurant, which serves “classic American comfort food”, harkens back to a time of innocence and prosperity. From the prices of the menu items to the low table stakes and the free entertainment at Marilyn’s Lounge, every effort has been made to make a visit to this casino a low-cost, yet elegant, one.


Can Club for Frequently Playing Blackjack

In 2013, the Eastside Cannery introduced a revamped version of its loyalty program, the “Can Club,” so that it is now incorporated with the points program of the original Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas. Players can progress from Entry Level to Frequent Flyer, High Flyer, and First Class, with progressively better benefits at each level. One point is awarded for every dollar wagered on slot machines or video poker. Free Play, Cash, and Comps can be redeemed for meals, entertainment, merchandise, and special events for every 400 points earned. At the beginning of play, blackjack players can begin accumulating points by handing their card to the table games dealer.


The Inside Perspective

The Eastside Cannery publishes a monthly calendar of promotions that includes special offers for table games participants. These range from “Hot Seat” giveaways awarded randomly on designated days to cash drawing entries earned for every half hour of rated play. Recent “Fill’er Up” promotions permitted players to earn $5 gas cards for $10 in average table wagers over two hours or $20 in average table wagers over one hour. It is also a good idea to pick up a copy of “The Reporter” newsletter, which contains information on promotions as well as coupons for dining and $10 match play.






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