Terms And Conditions IV International Short Film Festival of A Coruña – FKM 2015

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1. National and International Film Competition organized by FKM- Fantastic Film Festival from A Coruña, (referred to as FKM, or “Festival Organizers” in these terms and conditions) in which individual or group film makers. All the films presented need to have been finished after 1 January 2014.

2. The duration of participating works must not exceed TWENTY minutes including opening and closing credits. All films need to be shown as premieres in Galicia.

3. There is no limit as to the number of works a filmmaker/filmmakers may submit, but each work must be submitted as an individual Full-HD, BluRay, HDcam, Betacam, DCP not encrypted and 35mm file.

shipment expenses -sending and returning- of selected short films will be covered by participants in all case.

4. Participants eligible for competition must be 18 years of age or over, or in case of a minor, have authorization from a parent or legal guardian.

5. To submit a film to the Festival and simplify its viewing by the Program Committee: The only accepted procedure is: upload the short film to the (www.festhome.com or www.movibeta.com)

platforms and complete the enclosed form with the requested data which you will find in these platforms.

Regulations for submitted films:

a) Works must be characterized as of horror, fantasy, or science fiction genres. Animated shorts of the same genres may also be submitted and these will compete jointly with non-animated films.

b) The films’ original language must be Spanish or Galician*. Works in other languages must be submitted with corresponding subtitles in either Spanish or Galician.

The shorts whose original language is Spanish or Galician must attach subtitles in English.

In the exceptional event that a non subtitled film is accepted, Spanish or English dialogue lists with time code .doc, .txt, .xls or .rft are required.

Any variation on the requested format and characteristics will result in the short being disqualified from the Festival.

6. Submitted works shortlisted by Festival Organizers will be eligible for two awards: one given by an official Jury formed by Professionals of the film sector and culture selected by Festival Organizers, and the People’s Choice Award.

Prizes are as follows:

a) The Jury Prize: FKM’s bronze trophy, accompanied by an award certificate signed and sealed by Festival Organizers and Jury members.

b) The Audience Award: FKM’s trophy (made of synthetic resin and hand-painted by an artist selected by the Festival) accompanied by an award certificate signed and sealed by Festival Organizers.

7. Selected short films will be shown at the FKM-FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL OF A CORUÑA. It will not be possible to withdraw films from FKM’s festival 2015 schedule after they have been selected.

Producers of shortlisted works must give authorisation for festival organizers to show the submitted copy in subsequent festivals and to utilize an excerpt from any short submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

8. All submitted short films will be included in FKM Festival’s video library, and Festival Organizers may distribute, reproduce and publish selected footage as well as images, film stills, photographs and sound in any format and supported by any system for non-profitable festival marketing purposes.

9. Participants must ensure that works submitted to the festival are original, do not violate the rights of third parties nor will they impede or hinder the full and peaceful exercise of the rights given to Festival Organizers by the present festival terms and conditions.

In the case that participants use any pre-existing work not in the public domain as part of works submitted to the festival, they must have prior written consent from their corresponding rights holders. Consequently, participants must respond to festival organizers and sponsors as to any action or claim made by third parties in relation to the cession and/or exercise of rights given by virtue of their participation in the current festival.

10. Personal details provided by festival participants will be processed and incorporated into the relevant Festival Organizers’ data files, as dictated by Spanish data protection law (“Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal”).

The collection and processing of personal information is solely for the purpose of managing a list of festival participants, and also for the purpose of sending participants information about other activities and contests that Festival Organizers may launch in the future.

Festival participants give non-profitable and absolute authorization to use their likeness/photograph in any print or audiovisual notice or marketing campaign arranged by the Festival Organizers, including publication of participants’ names or the moment they were given a prize.

To exercise the right of access, correction, cancellation, or disagreement related to information collected by the Festival Organizers, interested parties must submit claims to the e-mail fkm@freakemacine.org.

11. The submission deadline is 30 September 2015.

The Festival organization will decide each film’s screening dates and times.

Festival Organizers will contact directors/producers/distributors of shortlisted short films providing instructions for sending their work in one of the formats described in point 3.

Shortlisted participants will be notified at the beginning of October.

Once the online registration has taken place in the selected platforms, it will not be possible for directors/producers/distributors to withdraw their works from the festival.

12. Festival Organizers shall decide all matters not provided therein, and may authorize exceptions that may contribute to greater success of the competition or improved management.

Inscription or sending a film to the Festival, irrespective of from the section, implies unconditional acceptance of these rules. The Selection Committee will decide the matters not foreseen by the rules as well as might authorize exceptions.