Terms and Conditions I International Film Competition – Ópera Prima- FKM 2015


1) The festival organisers will be responsible for selecting films for the competition.

2) All the films presented need to have been finished after 1 January 2014.

3) Submission can only be made by means of two platforms:

4) Films submitted in any other way will not be accepted

5) All films need to be shown as premieres in Galicia. As a general rule, premieres in Spain will be prioritised.

6) We will only accept one film per author and this must be known officially as their first feature film.

7) The display format must be 35mm, DCP (preferred) and Blu-Ray. If the format is DCP, the Festival Technical Department will send the server certificate to the producers or representatives of the film in addition to the coordinates for receiving the KDM. The cost of generating KDMs will also be the responsibility of the producers or representatives of the film.

8) Each participant whose film has been selected will be responsible for the insurance and delivery expenses for the copies of their film until they are received by the festival. FKM will be responsible for the insurance from receipt of the copies until they are returned to the participant.

9) Participants will also be responsible for the return of the copies, which will not take place before the closing of the festival. If the copies need to be submitted to another festival before the closing of FKM, participants will need to make the dates clear in the Entry Form, so that FKM can organise the festival schedule accordingly.

10) The films’s original language must be Spanish or Galician. Works in other languages must be submitted with corresponding subtitles in either Spanish or Galician.

The Films whose original language is spanish or galician must attach english subtitles.

In the exceptional event that a non subtitled film is accepted, Spanish or English dialogue lists with time code .doc, .txt, .xls or .rft are required.

11) The length of the film must be minimum at least 60’.

12) Accepted genres are horror, fantasy, science fiction and animation. Ópera Prima is also open to films whose originality makes them a new genre of their own.

13) Producers or distributors of selected films will be sent the Entry Form, which must be submitted 25 days before the start of the festival. If FKM needs to share the film copy with other festivals, this must be made clear in the Entry Form, specifying the dates available during the FKM schedule.

14) All the films selected for the Ópera Prima official competition will receive a certificate confirming participation in A Coruña’s Fantasy Cinema Festival.

15) The OSSORIO award to the best Ópera Prima will be decided by a special jury chosen by FKM. The three members of the jury (who will be cinema and culture professionals) will award the following prizes:

a) OSSORIO Jury Prize to the best Ópera Prima : FKM’s bronze trophy, accompanied by an award certificate signed and sealed by Festival Organizers and Jury members.


  1. Best script
  2. Best special effects
  3. Best original sound track

The jury only can to give just one Honorary Mention.

b) The Audience Award: FKM’s Mutant Barnacle trophy to the best Ópera Prima (made of synthetic resin and hand-painted by an artist selected by the Festival) accompanied by an award certificate signed and sealed by Festival Organizers.

16) The OSSORIO prize winner will be announced at the FKM closing event. All other jury awards, including the Mutant Barnacle (which will be hand-painted by a local artist), will also be announced at the closing event.

17) The film providers will need to supply marketing material, eg photographs, posters, press releases, trailer, etc. to the festival organisers.

18) If the film copy is damaged during its display at the festival, the owner must notify FKM a month after the copy has been returned. FKM will only be responsible for re-issuing one copy, according to standard rates.

19) FKM will decide the film schedule. No film will be shown more than twice, including press day, without permission from the owner.

20) The submission deadline is 21 September 2015.

The Festival organization will decide each film’s screening dates and times.

21) Once participation in the festival has been accepted by the film producers, it will not be possible at all to withdraw the film from the festival schedule.

22) Taking part in the festival means acceptance of these terms and conditions.

23) Any other issues arising during the festival not included in these terms and conditions will be decided by the festival organisers according to standard international terms and conditions.