In 2022, BingoFest will host a $1,500 bingo tournament.

BingoFest is a whirlwind of excitement and a chance to win huge money prizes every January. Each week this month, the reputable site is hosting the $1,500 2022 Bingo Tourney from Monday through Thursday.

The online Bingo competition not only has a grand prize for the winner, but also additional incentives for a number of highly ranked players.


A Deeper Dive Into The Competition

The BingoFest 2022 Bingo Tourney will feature multi-part guaranteed games every hour of every day. Winners of each of those games are certain of receiving some sort of payout. A scoreboard will be used to rank the top finishers.


The grand prize for the competition is a cool $1,500 in cash. Bonuses will be distributed evenly among the top 40 participants on the leaderboard.


Promotional Tournament

When playing online Bingo, the more cards a person purchases, the better their odds of winning. As part of a promotion for the 2022 Bingo Tourney, BingoFest is giving participants the option of purchasing more playing cards.


The well-known brand will throw in an extra three Bingo cards for free when you buy seven. The site’s high-quality software will effortlessly daub the corresponding numbers as you flip through the cards, saving you time and stress.


The Fun of Online Bingo

Playing Bingo online is very similar to playing at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Each card has a grid design. There are digits in some of the grid squares. Numbers in the blocks will be automatically dabbed if they correspond to those generated and called by the game engine.


The winner is the first player to successfully finish the game’s specific pattern and shout “Bingo.” BingoFest’s software makes sure everything runs well so you can relax and enjoy the show.


Bingo, a game similar to the lottery, has been played in Canada for over a century. Since their introduction in the late ’90s, online versions of the game have consistently ranked among users’ top choices.


Gamble At BingoFest

One of the many fantastic reasons to dab cards at BingoFest in 2022 is the $1,500 Bingo Tourney. The site is a premier destination for gaming action and enjoyment, powered by top-tier software and secured with the newest 128-bit SSL security.


When you join BingoFest, you’ll have access to several different rooms and games, a chat function and chat games, and other promotions that increase your chances of winning. Get a 500% bonus on your initial deposit.






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